Life and Death

GOLDIE, 2003, Ibiza, London
  • 2003
  • London
  • Painting
  • Spray Painting
  • of 1
  • 102 x 95cm

Unique original consisting of spray paint, metal flake, blow torch, emulsion, lacquer on 11 layer ply wood, in hand made solid wood frame. Signed by artist

Goldie - Lostribes

Lostribes is a stunning collection of new works by internationally renowned musician and fine artist Goldie.  

In an awe-inspiring display of paintings on sustainable wood, Lostribes deftly combines visually seductive imagery with probing explorations of the fundamental human connection and artistic expression of the ancient tribes of Africa, Asia and America.

These beautiful, earnest creations take us back to Goldie's early artistic expressions; stark, unspoken feelings that resonate deep within yet impossible to verbalise. Each work is created with meraki - the purest of emotions - telling a story and arousing feelings as old as the journey of our souls.


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